The Wood Chopper

Artist Statement

Most of my paintings, drawings and prints tell a story, and in the art world these are called narrative paintings.  My past interest and pursuit of writing and studying literature informs my desire to tell a story through images.  Invariably, though not always, I tell my own personal story as a transgender person through my art.

My work is inspired by twentieth century modernist art movements and styles, such as expressionism, surrealism, and symbolism, and such painters as Max Beckmann, Giorgio de Chirico, and Edvard Munch.  The figures and scenes in my paintings are often set in a natural and imagined, mythic world; in this regard, William Blake’s work is my model.
Figure painting and drawing, working out, and sometimes refining images and ideas in a sketchbook — these are also an ongoing aspect of my art practice.

Commissions -- portraits of people, animals, buildings, scenes -- are accepted. Contact me to discuss size and materials to be used.