Bike Winter Art Show at the Convert Loft Space, 24-25 February, 2017

At the large group show of bicycle theme art work, the 20th Annual Chicago Winter Bike Art Show at the Convert Loft Space (3036 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago), I contributed 2 paintings that I did not finish for last year's show.  Around thirty-five artists, many of whom are avid cyclists and part of the social bicycle community in Chicago, contributed over 80 works of art in various mediums -- two dimensional and sculptural, paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, re-purposed and redesigned bicycle parts, and there was even a sculpture bicycle cake that was eaten by attendees.  On closing night Pastel Fractal provided music, and impressively, he brought his sound system on a bicycle trailer.

The organizers and curators of this annual show, Steven Lane and Stuart Hall (far right and center in the photo above), deserve special mention and thanks for offering this show (and a number of previous shows) to the bicycle and art community of Chicago.  They strive to hold the show in a different and non-traditional venue every year, as well as in a different neighborhood of Chicago, which in itself offers a creative challenge and surprises to artists and attendees.

More images of the show can be found at this link:

This annual bike show was smaller and had fewer attendees than previous and recent shows, because funding had been lost from the Bike Winter group, so the preparatory promotion of the show was limited before a venue place to hold the show could be found that would not request an advance deposit.  For me the silver lining of a smaller art show is that I get a chance to talk to more fellow artists at length and my friends who visit the show than I would if the crowds were large.  

All six of my bicycle paintings that have gotten fresh, new coats of varnish will be on long term display and for sale at the new spacious bike shop, Cosmic Bikes, 4641 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60630..  (Cosmic Bikes is the successor to Rapid Transit Bike shop, which closed, and essentially relocated.)